Snap! Spend will never charge you for anything you do not explicitly approve.

If a new payment is added to your account or if previously approved payment is changed (such as a payment amount increase or the due date is moved to an earlier date), Snap! Spend will send an email requesting your approval before charging you.

You will also receive an email notification if a previously approved payment has been decreased, moved to a later due date, or deleted. These are informational only and do not require your approval.

How to Approve Payments

If your approval is required, Snap! Spend will send you an email like this:

To approve the payment changes, click Click Here to Review & Approve. This will take you to your Snap! Spend account.

If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to do so; and once you’re in, you’ll need to select the Click here to review and approve link in the red banner at the top of your Dashboard. You will be able to choose your payment method and authorize billing for the new or updated payment.