Failed Card Payments

Card payments can fail for a number of reasons. Here are the most common and what to do about it.

Note: When a card payment fails, Snap! Spend will automatically retry the transaction daily for the next two weeks. If you’d like to retry the transaction immediately, you can use the Make Payment feature to do this from your dashboard.

Suspicious Activity / Unauthorized – Your card payment failed because the card issuer flagged the transaction as suspicious activity or unusual. To fix it, simply approve the transaction with them. If you’re using Visa, MasterCard or Discover, the card issuer is usually your bank. We will then automatically rerun your card.

Insufficient Funds – The card issuer has denied the transaction because the card limit has been reached. You can either keep using this card or change your payment method.

Expired – Your card has expired. Please log in and update your payment method.

Failed Bank Payments

Here are the most common reasons bank payments fail and what to do.

No Account Found/Incorrect Account Number – the account number you provided is incorrect. This could be due to a typo in the number you entered or from entering in the wrong number. Please log in and update your payment method. You will be prompted to re-approve the payments and add a new payment method.

Insufficient Funds – the payment bounced due to insufficient funds in your bank account. We will not automatically re-try charging these payments. Please log in to your account and either re-approve these payments with the same payment method or add a new payment method.


If you have any questions, you can reach us using the chat widget in the lower corner of your screen or by emailing us at